Nearly a century ago, in 1906, there was a traumatic earthquake in San Francisco. Einstein formulated the Special Theory of Relativity. New neon light signs appeared, and rayon yarn was first manufactured. Film star Greta Garbo and Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich were born. Ty Cobb joined the Detroit Tigers, and Mount Wilson Observatory was completed.
In this same year, George Peterson, having made the journey to America earlier, in 1887, and his wife Anne Marie (Mary), like George, a Danish immigrant, moved their two sons, Walter, age nine, and five year old Clarence, into a new two story home on a 32 acre farm which stretched from what is now 7535 Perry Road to Jaboneria Road.
(Above, Anne Marie (Mary), George, Walter, and Clarence Peterson.)
The house remains sturdy with its extra wide and thick lumber for its outside walls, rough saw marks of the original log mill slicing still visible.
Clarence would happily live out his entire life here.
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